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Are you  the lifesaver 24 year old Talia so desperately needs? In May 2019  24 -year-old Talia Tosun was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer.

Talia was treated at UCLH,  but at the end of August, she was informed that she needs a bone marrow transplant due to chemotherapy being ineffective.

Unfortunately, her sister isn’t a match, nor is anybody currently on the  bone marrow registry. Talia is of Turkish Cypriot descent and her best possible match would be from somebody of the same ethnicity. Sadly people of Cypriot, Turkish or Greek ethnicity are currently  greatly underrepresented on the registry therefore, it is vital that we raise awareness to diversify the register and to ensure Talia and others have a chance of finding that lifesaving match.

Talia was born and raised in Edmonton, North London. In February she moved into her own flat in Stoke Newington which is nearer to her place of work, ITECH Media in Camden.

Talia's Mother Sadie says “When we were told Talia had leukaemia as you can imagine our world was turned upside down. It’s the sort of news that makes the world stop around you. Suddenly all of the hopes you have for your family can seem to be put on hold. If Talia is to have a chance of a future a compatible donor needs to be found soon. We are asking that if you are eligible to join the registry to please do so, you could be the  lifesaver Talia so desperately needs, that we are all so desperately praying for”.

Every single person who signs up to the register has the potential to save a life – a very simple act with a profound impact. If you or somebody you know is between 16 and 55 and of Cypriot ethnicity, we urge you to sign up and share this page as you could be a lifesaving match for Talia or someone else fighting the same battle. 

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